Since You've Already Stripped Your Shower Down To The Studs Why Not Install A Classy Looking Shower Niche?


Installing a shower niche to a shower or tub surround is on the rise in popularity. These convenient shower storage areas are becoming the commonly used item to make the shower area more organized and keep items within easy access while taking a shower. 

And since you've already stripped your shower down to the studs and installed your new Cement Backerboard tile underlayment, Why not add a classy looking shower niche?

A Niche is not only functional. It also adds a chic and stylish appeal to your shower tile and their relatively easy to install.

You can just as easily keep your bottles of shampoo, conditioner,  bars of soap or shower gel on the edge of the tub.

But storing them there can look cluttered and just gives your guests a good idea of what brands you use. Not to mention while taking a shower you have to reach down and search within all this stuff to find the one you need.

A beautifully tiled niche reduces clutter to a shower or a tub surround.
So, why not give your visitors something much more appealing to look at, And put your shower needs where they're easily accessible to you.

Benefits To installing A Prefab Shower Niche

To build a niche, you screw in  2x4s to your wall studs Then clad the new framing with cement backerboard and a waterproof membrane. 
Making your niche perfectly square is an important part of your outcome.

But now there's easy to install prefabricated niche inserts. That are already squared for you and they're a whole lot easier to install than building one.

These Niches come in several different sizes and designs, and some of them are made of foam and coated with a rough-textured spray material that creates it's own waterproof surface, And thinset tile adhesive easily bonds to this material, so the niche is ready to be tiled. 

These prefab niches are sized to fit between 16-inch studs and are the perfect depth to slide into a 2x4 wall cavity. 

The Easy Installation Of A Prefab Niche

To install them you simply trace around the niche and cut a hole in the tile backerboard. Then apply an ample amount of acrylic sealant to the back side of the shower niche and insert it into place. 

The seams are then covered with fiberglass mesh tape, and coated with thinset, and then you can tile it right along with your new bathroom wall tile. You can even get creative and use another style of tile that will contrast with your bathroom wall tile and create a niche that's all about you.

Prefab Niches Are Ideal For Do It Yourselfers

These niches are the go-to solution for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to install a professional looking niche without the bother of making one. And if you install them according to the directions, they'll create such a fabulous appeal that a lot of pros would have a hard time determining if it's custom made. 

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