Prefab Shower Niches Are easy To Install.  Need No Special Framing And they're Ready To Except Your Bathroom Shower Tile.


Prefab shower niches can be installed by almost anyone. They can be just the right solution for adding warmth, comfort and a touch of class to a walk in shower or a tub surround.

After tearing down the old shower walls to the studs, and installing the new cement backerboard sheets for your new bathroom shower tile installation, this Is just the right time to install your niche.

A  niche is fairly easy to build or you can simply install a prefab style, either way a niche for your newly tiled shower stall or tub surround will create a very attractive handy spot to keep soap, shampoo, body wash or any other bathroom shower accessories.

About Prefab Shower Niches

* A shower niche replaces having to install other bathroom shower accessories, such as soap dishes, corner shelves and shower caddies.It creates a nice neat attractive place that you can tile right along with your bathroom shower tile. 

* The standard prefab niche for showers is 16 inches, so they can easily be attached to the wall studs, but you can also choose from a large variety of customized prefab niches.

* They are available in several sizes and designs, and you can combine them any way you need for storing your bathroom shower accessories. You can place them side-by-side, separated, stacked or any combination of the three. 

* Some prefab niches are made of foam, and coated with a rough textured spray material. This material creates a nice waterproof surface that's ready to except bathroom shower tile. Others can be made up of a watertight pycore composite material.

* Be careful of recessed niches that are made from thin plastics or corrosive metals. To ensure that you have a solid watertight foundation in which to apply your bathroom shower tile, make it a point to choose niches that are made of quality material and guaranteed not to rust or leak. 

* Some niches are installed with an acrylic sealer while others install using backerboard screws. Neither style needs any special framing, and both come ready to tile. They also come with easy instructions on how to install them. 

* Prefab niches are an excellent choice for the do it your self tiler. It allows for the simplest way to install an attractive niche for the shower, and If installed according to the directions along with a good tiling job, you can create a beautiful, classy, professional looking niche.

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