Shower Tiling Includes Choosing Your Bathroom wall Tile, Installing A Cement Backerboard Tile Underlayment, And Tiling A Shower.


Shower Tiling is more than about just installing bathroom wall tile. It also involves choosing the correct bathroom tile that's not only practical for this wet area of the bathroom, but also a style that resonates with you and your home.

It also includes making sure that your tile underlayment is right,

The tile underlayment for areas that are prone to getting wet can make or break not only the look of your wall tile installation but also it's durability and how it protects the structure underneath.

When comes to shower tiling It doesn't matter if you're installing bathroom wall tile around a tub enclosure, or shower tile to a walk in shower, Tiling a shower or tub surround is a separate process from tiling the other bathroom walls.

If you're  patient and work at your pace tiling a shower can be very rewarding. Especially when you're the one who's creating the masterpiece!

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Choosing Your Stone Or Ceramic Tile Shower

Your bathroom shower wakes you in the morning and puts you to sleep at night. That's why you should choose a style of bathroom wall tile that's not only practical for this wet area of the bathroom, But that also in resonates with you. 

This is The Perfect Cement Backerboard Tile Underlayment For Tiling Showers

Choosing your bathroom wall can be a little bit of a challenge, but a shower enclosure and a tub surround are both wet installations, so before tiling a shower you'll need to waterproof the walls and the framing underneath by installing cement backerboard sheets to your wall studs.

About shower Niches

Pre-fab Shower niches can be an attractive addition to any bathroom and their also very practical.  a shower niche for your newly tiled shower stall or tub surround will create a very attractive handy spot to keep soap, shampoo, body wash or any other bathroom shower accessories.

Why Not install A Shower Niche?

Installing a shower niche is an excellent choice, especially If you're tearing out your old bathroom tile and cement backerboard down to the studs

Tiling A Shower

There are a few differences to tiling a shower or tub surround when compared to installing other bathroom wall tile. One difference is you need to install your bathroom wall tile to a cement backerboard tile underlayment, unlike other bathroom wall tile that can be laid directly to drywall.



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