Slate Floor Tiles Are Not Just About A Stunning Natural Stone Flooring, They Also Work  Well As Bathroom Wall Tile, Bathroom Shower Tiles, And Slate Countertops.

Slate floor tiles are a unique style of natural stone flooring with beautiful colors of black, blue, green, red, orange and even maroon,
And These colors may be solid or include many variations of them, all on a single tile.

Slate is composed of many layers formed by underwater clay that has been metamorphosed by the earth's shifting crust. Then the stone is split into sheets, and the sheets cut into tiles. The result is a cleft surface that is rough and imperfect.

And this is how the fantastic cleft finish of Slate floor tiles derives. And these tiles are not only perfect for looks, but they also make for the perfect slip resistant floor tile. The Cleft Slate surface is most commonly used for Slate natural stone flooring, Slate wall tiles, and Slate Backsplash tiles

Honed Slate tiles are honed to a smooth, matte finish. They create a much better work surface for slate countertops. But Honed Slate's smooth surface makes scratches and stains more apparent.

So just as with any other Slate tile application; you'll want to treat the countertop tiles with a slate tile sealer, making for less of a chance of staining and chipping to your slate surfaces.

About Slate Floor Tiles

*  Slate floor tiles come in beautiful natural hues of blue, black, green, maroon, red, orange, or any combination of these, but keep in mind if not chosen and cared for properly these colors can wear away over time especially when used as a slate floor tile in high traffic areas.

* While shopping for your slate tiles check to see if the surface coloration comes off on your hands. If it does it's probably not going to last very long in your home.

*Slate comes in a wide variety of colors textures and styles. And If you take advantage of all the new grout colors available today, you'll create something special.

 *Slate Floor Tiles are not all about a stunning natural stone flooring, They also work well when used as bathroom wall tile, bathroom shower tiles, backsplash tiles and Slate countertops.

*Make all cuts to Slate tiles with a wet saw

*set in latex reinforced mortar Tile Adhesive.

*Seal slate tiles before and after installing the tiles. Apply several coats for added protection. After this You’ll want to re-seal Slate tiles at least once a year.

Slate Countertops

Slate countertops are stunning. They can be in Lovely shades of black, charcoal, gray, pewter, brown and even with highlights of green, blue or red.

Slate countertops can be in relatively subdued solid colors. They don't have the colorful veins and speckles found in Granite or Marble countertops, But depending on the decor sometimes a more uniform kitchen countertop works best.  Slate countertops can also be dramatic consisting all the beautiful colors found in Slate tile.

  Unlike granite and marble slate countertops Honed slate tiles are non-porous. So the clean up is easy,  and you don't have to worry about it harboring bacteria.  It won’t absorb liquids, so you won't get the staining from citrus juices and vinegar like you do with Marble and Limestone countertops. Slate Countertops also stands up very well to heat, So hot pans won’t mar the surface.

Slate Bathroom Wall Tile

There's a whole lot of water splashing around in bathrooms and especially in the shower area. So You'll need bathroom wall tile and bathroom floor tiles that can stand up to a lot of water.

Slate tile not only has the looks to create a compelling bathroom wall tile but they also do a great job of repelling water, making it an excellent choice for not only a bathroom wall tile for dry areas of the bathroom but also when used as a bathroom shower tile in the wet areas.

Slate natural stone flooring is neat and elegant looking floor tile and it's naturally slip-resistant.And this is a big plus, especially when it comes to moving around the bathroom with wet feet.

Slate Bathroom Shower Tile

A Slate shower can be absolutely beautiful. The eye-catching hues found in some Slate bathroom shower tile cannot be matched. A Slate Shower adds an elegant look and feel to the bathroom, along with the natural warmth that comes from natural stone tile.

Tips For Keeping Your Slate Bathroom Shower Tile Looking Good

Cleaning your Slate Bathroom shower tile is an important step in preserving your slate bathroom shower tiles

*Keep a cotton rag handy to Wipe your Slate Bathroom Shower Tile Dry After each use. It will cut down on the water and chemicals from shampoos or shower gels and such, from constantly sitting on the tiles. 

* Clean your bathroom shower tile tile once a week.

* Give your slate bathroom shower tile a good deep cleaning once a month.

* Find out from the tile manufacturer the best cleaner to use for your Slate bathroom tile.

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