Installing a Beautiful, Stylish Stainless Steel tile Backsplash

Stainless steel tile is considered a metal tile. They create a clean, up to date flair to any kitchen backsplash. These beautiful gleaming metal tiles can be smooth, cast in shapes,stamped with patterns or even a in mosaic tile pattern.

It doesn't matter which style you choose Stainless steel will always make for a beautiful addition to your home.

A metal kitchen backsplash will easily become the focal point of your kitchen.

Before you install your tiles, you'll want to make sure your walls are in the in good condition. This will ensure that your tiling job comes out right.

Go here for instructions on preparing your walls for tiling.

Stainless Steel Mosaic tile Backsplash installation

For a mosaic stainless steel kitchen backsplash tile installation, Be sure to begin at the point of your backsplash wall where your kitchen cabinets end but your wall continues. This should also be at an open end of your cabinets.

Use a pencil and level to draw a line from your cabinets down to the kitchen countertop.

Spread the Tile Adhesive

Depending on the type of metal tile you are using you will start with either a whole tile or a sheet of the stainless steel mosaic tile pattern.

Mix up a batch of thinset mortar if your type of tiles call for it. Spread your thinset mortar or tile masic on a 2 to 3 foot section of the wall, starting at the open end line.

The use of thinset or tile mastic tile adhesive depends on what the manufacturer recommends for your particular style of tiles.

Lay the Tiles and Place the Spacers

Next Install the sheet of mosaic tile. start at the point where the end line and your kitchen countertop meet.

Use plastic spacers and place them between your tiles or mosaic sheets. Lay about 2 feet of tile across the wall above your kitchen countertop, then add another course of tiles over that.

Press the tiles in place with your hands, Do not use a beater board to set these tiles, as this could damage the tiles.

Cutting Your tile

Solid stainless steel tiles cannot be cut on site. You may be able to factory order cut solid stainless steel tiles.

If you are using a small enough mosaic tile pattern in a stainless steel design, you may be able to make the cuts you'll need by simply peeling tiles off of the 12 X 12 sheets, and then cutting the excess backing with a sharp utility knife, otherwise , use mosaic tape and a wet saw for cutting stainless steel mosaic tile.

You can also use solid stainless steel tiles as a beautiful accent for your kitchen backsplash tile, to avoid having to cut them.

There are many stainless steel tiles available that aren't solid. There are even ceramic tile designs that are coated with metal.

You can easily cut these ceramic tile designs with a diamond cut tipped wet saw, a hole saw or a rotary cutter,

Keep in mind that stainless steel ceramic tile designs cannot be cut with a snap cutter or tile nibbling tool, because they will damage the metal surface.

Always cut stainless steel ceramic tile designs metal side up to avoid scratching these tiles beautiful metal finish, and please wear your respirator and eye goggles while cutting.

To cut mosaic stainless steel tiles place your stainless steel mosaic sheet on a clean work surface, making sure that all the tiles are in their proper position.

Then cover the sheet with mosaic tape. Mosaic tape is a heavy duty contact paper that does a great job of holding mosaic tile patterns in place while you cut them with a wet saw.

Grout Your tiles

After you're done installing your steel tiles, allow your thinset or tile mastic to dry overnight, then grout your tiles. Stainless steel tiles are prone to scratching, even unsanded grout and a soft rubber float can mark their surface.

It's well worth taking the extra time to cover them with blue painters tape before grouting them.

Generally you can use latex fortified grout for metal tile, but because stainless steel has such an easy to scratch surface it's best to use a soft rubber grout float and unsanded grout, because the sanded grout can scratch your metal tiles.

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