Stainless Steel Tiles, Tin Tiles, Glass  wall tile and flooring And Terrazzo Tiles Offer Their Own Unique Qualities To Kitchens And Baths.


Stainless steel tiles, tin tiles, glass wall tile, terrazzo tile, and cement tile are all a part of the nontraditional tile family.
They are the perfect solution for the tilers looking to add a touch of creativity, to their tiling project. And each has its unique individual qualities.

Cement Tile with its beautiful colors and unique, intricate tile patterns is extremely durable and safe to use for just about any application including backsplashes, countertops, flooring and even an outdoor flooring for a patio.

Glass wall tile and flooring offers supreme durability with a sheen that exceeds even the glossiest of ceramic tiles. These luxurious glass tiles make for the perfect backsplash tiles, Wall tiles, bathroom shower tiles and floor tiles; They're even durable enough for exterior walls, pool decks, and patios.

Stainless Steel tile offers a very sleek and stylish up to date look, especially when it comes to the kitchen backsplash. Solid stainless steel would be very expensive and much too hard to cut for the do it yourself tiler, But most of the tiles of today are actually ceramic tile designs or a thermoplastic material coated with metal.

Tin tiles are squares of embossed decorative steel. They were once manufactured as very attractive ceiling tiles but are now used also for such things as stunning backsplash tiles or an interesting acoustic tile for a finished basement.

Terrazzo Tile is a unique combination of stone and glass chips encased in concrete and polished smooth. This elegant combination makes for breathtaking kitchen countertops, wall tiles and Terrazzo Tile flooring that will brighten up any kitchen.

Rather you choose Cement tiles, Glass wall tile, and flooring, Stainless steel tiles or Terrazzo tile each will bring it's unique qualities to your kitchen or bath.

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Cement Tile And It's Unique Characteristics

Encaustic Cement Tile is the most durable, decorative, and stunningly handsome floor or wall tile available. And It is by all means a classic. It's an ancient form of mosaic floor tile that's available today in an exciting array of wall and floor tile patterns and colors that will coordinate with any style home decor!

Terrazzo Tile Can Brighten Up A Kitchen In A Unique Way Like No Other Tile Designs can.

The elegance of Terrazzo tile is made up of a combination of beautiful, colorful glass and stone chips held together by a  concrete base that's polished to a smooth finish. These  stunning, happy tiles can brighten up a kitchen in a unique way that only Terrazzo floor tile designs can.

Glass wall tile and Glass flooring tiles are one of the most unique and stylish tiles on the market today.

The use of Glass wall tile dates back to thousands of years back. Today thanks to modern technology glass tile is back on the scene in more beautiful gleaming wall and floor tile designs than ever before.
And because of this glass wall tile is becoming increasingly popular for use in well-decorated homes as well as in commercial establishments all over the world.

The Unique Look And Style Of Tin Tiles, Stainless Steel Tiles And Bronze Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Can Now Be Installed In A Matter Of Hours!

The Unique Look And Style Of Tin Tiles, Stainless Steel And Bronze Backsplash Tiles Can Now Be Installed In A Matter Of Hours!

Tin tiles, Stainless Steel tile, and Bronze kitchen backsplash tiles are all considered metal tiles. Others include copper, brass and iron. These backsplash tiles are becoming an all time favorite among Homeowners and Kitchen Designers alike!

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