Thinset Mortar Is The Number One Tile Adhesive For Installing Kitchen Counter Tiles, Bathroom Shower Tile, And Just About Any Floor Tile Installation!


Thinset mortar is also known as Tile Mortar or just plain Thinset. It is the most popular of all tile adhesives. 

Thinset is a strong concrete without the large stone pieces. And it is specially designed for setting tiles. Although Thinset is not impervious to water, it exhibits a high level of water resistant properties.

It provides a durable, water-resistant bond between the tiles and the tile underlayment, And this is why it's the most highly used tile adhesive for tiling wet areas!

It's the perfect tile adhesive for a wall tile installation around a tub surround or bathroom shower walls. It's also the number one tile adhesive for installing Kitchen countertop tiles and just about any traditional or nontraditional floor tile installation. 

For most Wall tile installations or floor tile installations, you'll need the type of Thinset that contains latex. It gives your floor or wall tile installation just the right amount of flexibility to prevent cracking, And it also improves the bonding strength of the Thinset.

The standard color for Thinset is gray, but it's also available in white which is the ideal solution for a wall or floor tile installation that includes translucent tiles like Glass or Marble. And White Thinset also comes in handy for use behind a light-colored tile grout.

Powder Or Pre-mixed Thinset Mortar

Thinset is available in both a powder or premixed form. The powder form is a bit cheaper and only requires mixing it with room temperature water. 

Because of the convenience, Premixed Thinset costs more than the kind you mix yourself. But the option of mixing it yourself has it's benefits!

It allows you to adjust your mixture to the weather conditions, Like making the mixture wetter in a hot, dry climate or stiffer in cold or humid conditions. You can even alter the consistency to provide optimal adhesion.

Tile Mastic Tile adhesive is excellent for tiling flat walls in fairly good condition. It makes for quick and easy work for installing kitchen wall tile, kitchen backsplash tiles, and bathroom wall tiles located in the dry areas of the bathroom.

But Tile Mastic is neither as strong or as flexible as Thinset tile adhesive.

Epoxy Thinset Tile Adhesive

Epoxy Thinset has a hard impermeable consistency that makes it very useful for tile installations requiring chemical resistance such as for installing kitchen countertop tiles that are compatible with the adhesive.

Epoxy Thinset is more expensive and also harder to apply than both the water based or latex Thinset tile adhesives.


Tile adhesive contains caustic ingredients and solvent based tile adhesive is potentially explosive and also harmful when inhaled. Please wear gloves and a respirator, and keep the area you are working in well ventilated when you are mixing your tile mortar.

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