Choosing Your Tile Adhesive Is Easy use the one that works best With The Surface You Are Tiling

Tile adhesive does the job of holding the tiles in place. It can be divided into two categories thinset mortar and tile mastic. Generally it's best to use thinset when installing countertop tile, tiling a floor, installing stone tiles, or tiling showers and tub surrounds.

Choosing your adhesive should be fairly easy just choose the adhesive that works best with the surface you are tiling.

You can use tile mastic for all the other traditional tile jobs. Tile mastic works very well for tiling a wall, or tiling a floor with non-mortared tiles, such as cork, carpet and vinyl floor tiles, but you'll need to use a specialty tile mastic, for the particular floor tile that you will be using.

There are other instances where the tile adhesive is already chosen and applied for you, such as with a vinyl self stick tile. There are even self sticking dots available that adhere carpet tiles to the floor.

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All About Thinset Mortar

Thinset mortar also known as thinset or tile mortar is the most popular of all tile adhesives. It is the most commonly used adhesive for tile installations.

When thinset mortar is wet it offers great flexibility for placing tiles, and when it cures it provides greater strength than organic mastic.

Thinset Mortar

Mixing And Spreading Thinset

Thinset also known as tile mortar or thinset mortar is a special concrete especially made for setting tiles. Thinset comes in a powder form, which we will be mixing in this section, but it's also available in premixed form.

Though thinset is just about the best adhesive for a floor tile installation, it is also widely used for wall tile installations.

thinset mixing paddle

All About Tile Mastic

Tile mastic is a premixed adhesive commonly used for setting ceramic wall tile. It instantly grips your tiles and holds them in place.

Tile Mastic comes ready mixed and is very easy to use, because of it's smooth and creamy texture. Tile mastic not only makes for a very easy tile installation, but it's also far less expensive than tile mortar.

wall install tile

Adhesive backed Tiles

Some adhesives are chosen and applied to the tiles by the factory.You simply remove the paper backing and apply the tile directly to the floor. These are called self stick tiles or peel and stick tile.

A good example is a self stick vinyl floor tile installation.These beautiful easy to use tiles are perfect for the do it yourself tiler.

vinylstick layout

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