Spruce Up Your Bathroom Wall Tiles With An Eye-catching Mosaic Tile Border And Decorative Trim


Incorporating a Mosaic tile border and tile trim to the top of a wainscot or bathroom wall tile can really Spruce things up in the bathroom.
And you can run this eye-catching pattern around the entire perimeter of The bathroom.

If you are tiling the whole length of the wall, after you've installed your strip of mosaic tile, you can continue laying your bathroom wall to the ceiling.

If your bathroom wall tile stops somewhere in the middle of the wall or a little higher,  you'll need to finish off the top with a trim tile.

Chair caps, bullnose tiles, and chair rail tiles make for an excellent tile trim for the top of unfinished tiles, And for exposed edges on the sides of your bathroom wall tile,  bullnose tiles will do the trick.
You'll also need enough of your field tiles  ( the bathroom wall tile that's already on the wall) to create a row of tiles that you will lay between the mosaic tile and the trim.

Depending on the type of trim you'll be using the trim tiles will most likely be slightly smaller than your field tiles, even if they are supposed to be the same dimensions.

If you want the grout lines of your trim tiles and field tiles to match, just leave a little more space between each trim tile. But usually, it looks better if you plan your tile layout where none of the grout lines of your field tiles and trim tiles match.

Working Out Your Pattern For Your Mosaic Tile Border

Step One- Cut Your Mosaic Tile

First, you'll need to cut your mosaic tile pattern to the length you want to incorporate into your bathroom wall tile.

Ceramic Mosaic tile patterns typically come on a mesh backing in 12x12 squares. They are available in an array of beautiful styles that easily mimic the look of glass and stone tile.

When you cut them, be careful to cut each strip the exact same length. Just remove the unneeded tiles from your mosaic tile sheets by simply peeling the tiles from the backing, Then cut away the excess backing with a sharp utility knife.

Step Two- Draw Your Reference Line

Use a bubble level and a pencil to draw a vertical line above your bathroom wall tile. It should line up with the edge of the wall tile, and match the height of the mosaic tile pattern you will be installing.

Be sure that while you are drawing this line, the bubble in your level is in the middle of the glass, ensuring that your line is straight.

Step Three- Mark your Field Tile Locations To The Wall

Use the same batten board you previously used to dry-lay your field tiles, place the board on the wall on top of the line you just drew for your mosaic tile and mark your tile locations on the wall, If you no longer have it you'll need to place a new batten directly over your top row of field tiles and mark the tile locations to the new board.

Step Four- Dry-lay Your Tiles

Lay your batten board on the floor and dry-lay a row of your field tiles aligned with the marks on your batten. and lay a row of your trim tiles on top exactly as you would want it to look on top of your Mosaic tile. Avoid matching the grout lines of the field tiles and trim tiles .If you are using, spacers be sure to insert them between each tile.

Mark the locations of your trim tiles to the opposite side of the board.
Be sure to label the marks that belong to the correct tiles.

Step Five- Transfer Your Tile Locations To The Wall

Pick up your batten and place it on the wall just above the line you drew for your mosaic tile. The edge of the board should touch the line.

Transfer the marks of your field tiles from your batten board onto the wall. These will be your reference lines for installing your field tiles. Then transfer the marks for your tile trim a little higher up the wall.

You can use this same batten board for other walls where you will be using this same decorative tile design.

Installing Your Ceramic Mosaic Tile Border

Step One- Apply Tile mastic and lay your tile border

Spread your tile mastic over the area you will be tiling, but don't spread it any father than this. Place your first course of mosaic tile patterns while staying within your reference lines.

Keep in mind that Your mosaic tile patterns should be fully embedded in your tile mastic, and you will need to remove any mastic that gets on the wall beyond your tiles.
Tap your mosaic tile border with a beater block to ensure that they stick to the tile mastic.

Step Two-Install Your Field Tiles

Proceed with laying a row of field tiles staying within your reference lines.
 If you're tiling the wall to the ceiling, keep laying your tiles to completion.

Step Three- Install your tile trim

Install your trim tiles on top of your field tiles.Depending on the style you've chosen, Some trim tiles can be heavy

To hold these trim tiles in place,  run masking tape over the faces of the tiles and attach it up to the wall above the trim tiles, while the tile mastic bonds

Step Four Wipe Your Tile surface Clean

Using a cloth dampened with either water or Mineral spirits, depending on the type of tile mastic you are using, wipe away all of the tile mastic from the surface of your tiles and the wall.

If you have a corner that juts into the room or an exposed edge where your tiles end, use a bullnose border tile to line the edges of the wainscot or bathroom wall tile.

Congratulations on your new Spruced up bathroom wall tile, you can now move on to grouting your tile border.

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