Using Your Tile Cutting Saw And Other Tile Cutting Tools, For Cutting Tough Tiles.


A Tile cutting saw also goes by the names of wet tile saws, wet saws or even tile cutting tools. The pros use Wet tile saws for cutting  Ceramic floor tiles, Natural Stone Flooring and any other tough bodied tiles.

A snap cutter works well for cutting tiles in their softer form, but for cutting Natural Stone Flooring and Ceramic floor tiles in their more hardened form you're  going to need power tools such as the tile cutting saw, hole saw, and the rotary tool.

Wet tile saws are about the best choice of tile cutting tools for both straight cuts and notches to Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Natural Stone Flooring or any other tile that a snap cutter can't handle.

Wet tile saws quickly and easily make the most accurate cuts to Ceramic floor tiles and Natural Stone Flooring, And some of these tile cutting tools come equipped with a splash guard! Those with the splash guard can be used indoors as long as you don't mind a few scattered sprays from time to time. If so, working outside will guarantee a dry room.

A Hole Saw is a saw with a circular blade that you load into a drill.
It will be the best choice of all tile cutting tools  If you need to cut a hole through the middle of a tile for maybe a pipe or other round object.

A Rotary Drill is the best of tile cutting tools for making easy work of notches, circles and just about any other free hand cuts you'd ever want to make to a Ceramic floor tile or Natural Stone flooring . Because you can cut in any direction, you like.

Cutting Tough Ceramic Floor Tiles And Natural Stone Flooring With A Tile Cutting Saw

Place your tile cutting saw on a worktable, or two stable sawhorses. Some wet tile saws have a pump. For these types of tile cutting tools, you'll need to fill the pan with water and set the pump in the water.
You'll then need to test to make sure there is a continuous stream of water directed at the blade while the wet tile saws are the on position.
For other wet tile saws, you simply need to keep the water supply filled.

Making Straight Cuts With Wet Tile Saws

When making a straight cut slide the tray on your tile cutting saw all the way towards you, and Position your tile by Pressing the tile firmly against the guide. Turn on the tile cutting saw and slide the tile forward.

Making Angle Cuts With Wet Tile Saws

For making angle cuts, simply adjust the cutting fence, found on your wet saw to your desired angle. Be sure to dry your tiles with a clean, dry towel or by the natural sunlight, before laying them because wet tiles will not adhere well to Thinset or Mastic tile adhesive.

Cutting Tile Notches with Your tile cutting tools

To cut out a notch, you will first need to use your snap cutter to score the cut line that's parallel to the tile's edge. Along the area where the notch is needed only.

Then use your wet tile saw, to make cuts that are perpendicular to the edge, along the cut lines and throughout the material that will be removed.

Complete your notch

Hold your tile at a high angle so that the wet tile saw's blade will cut deeper on the back side of the tile. Make a series of cuts about 1/4 inch apart.

Use your tile nippers to remove the remaining strips, and to also clean up the edges of the notch.

Cutting Holes With A Hole Cutter

If for instance, you are cutting tiles for a hot water pipe. Select a hole saw that's about 1/8 inch bigger than the pipe. These pipes expand when they heat up, and this will ensure the extra space for when they do.

Mark your center point of the hole on the tile, And then place the hole saw's bit on the mark. Hold your drill so that its perpendicular to the tile, and then drill out your hole.

Cutting Tiles With The Rotary Cutter

The rotary cutter is fairly new to the world of tile cutting tools. It is somewhat like a miniature drill, except its bits do much more than just punching holes.

You just press the bit into a tile and move it along a line. You can cut out any profile you desire. The rotary tool has bits for cutting Ceramic wall and Ceramic floor tile, Natural Stone Tile, Cement tile, Backerboard, and drywall. It even has special bits for grouting tile, without harming the tile. The Rotary cutter is a tilers dream come true.

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