Using The Correct Tile Cutting Tools For Cutting Your Tiles


When it comes to tile cutting tools, there's more than just one way of cutting tile. If you use the correct tools for cutting your tiles, cutting tile becomes a much simpler job. For making straight cuts you can use wet tile saws or a snap cutter, but for big tile jobs wet tile saws are much faster and easier tile cutting tools to use.

Snap-cutters are not power tools so they are less expensive than the power tools used for cutting tile, You can purchase your own wet tile saws, or rent one pretty inexpensively, but even renting can become expensive if the tool is not returned at the agreed date and time.

Wet tile Saws

A wet tile saw is the best tile cutting saw. It is the most versatile way to cut ceramic, porcelain tile. and stone tiles. Wet tile saws produce nice clean, precise cuts right next to the edge of the tile. Water sprays the tile saw blade continuously, to prevent the tile saw blade from wearing out.

The tile saw blade has adjustable Guides to produce cuts at 45 degrees or other angles. Make sure to purchase the tile saw blade made for your tile type.

Snap Cutter

Most ceramic, porcelain, and Glass tiles, but not stone can be cut quickly along a straight line with the inexpensive snap cutter.

It scores the surface of the tile and then snaps the tile in two along the score line. It should have an adjustable guide that you can set to a particular measurement. Its best to get the type with a replaceable scoring wheel.

Tile Nippers

Tile nippers are also called biters or a nibbling tool. Tile nippers can take a small bite out of almost any tile. When you use tile nippers you must be patient, as you are making your cuts gradually in small bites. You need to be careful, because you may break a tile or two in the process.

Tile nippers are great for those straight lines, that have been scored with the snap cutter, but are too close to the edge of the tile to snap. Tile nippers are also great for non straight cuts.


A hacksaw equipped with a cylindrical blade can cut curves and cutouts, when you are tiling a wall with soft ceramic and stone wall tiles.


A grinder is a great tile cutting tool that can quickly cut through any type of ceramic or stone tile, but it doesn't always produce precise cuts. It can easily damage the tile.

For soft tiles you'll need an inexpensive masonry blade. For hard tiles a diamond blade works best for quicker, easier cuts.

Hole Saw

A hole saw loads into a drill bit. It quickly cuts round holes in tiles, plywood and cement backerboard.

You can find them in a wide variety of diameters, with steel teeth for cutting wood, or diamond teeth for cutting tile and stone.

Rotary tool

The rotary tool is a fairly new tile cutting tool for tilers. This rotary tool easily does the work of an angle grinder, a hole saw, tile nippers, and a rod saw.

The rotary tool is somewhat like a small drill, but the rotary tool bits also cuts sideways. You can press the bit into a tile, and then move it along a line, and cut out any profile you need.

There are bits available for cutting ceramic tile, stone tile, cement backerboard and drywall. There are even bits that can grout without harming the tile.

Power Miter Box

A power miter box is the easiest of all tile cutting tools. The power miter box works well for cutting laminate tiles, parquet flooring, base board molding, thresholds, countertop edging, or any other narrow pieces of wood. The blade on the power miter box is adjustable. It makes angle cuts, and it also has a stop so you can produce cuts in a certain size.

Table Saw

This is the easiest saw to use for cutting big pieces of wood, such as plywood or large laminate tiles. If you don't have one a circular saw will also do the job.

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