Removing Old Tile Grout Sealer To Make Room For New Tile Sealant.


When it comes to unglazed ceramic tile or any other type of tile that needs to have a tile grout sealer applied to the surface, you'll probably need to remove the old tile sealant about once a year. You'll then need to apply new tile sealer to continue protecting the tiles from stains, scratches, and unnecessary wear.

Regular cleaning will usually keep your ceramic or stone tiles in good condition, but for some floor tiles especially when it comes to bathroom flooring or kitchen floor tile may also require the removal of stains.

For removing stains from your bathroom flooring or kitchen floor tile you can use a commercial tile cleaner made especially for your type of flooring. If that doesn't work try a poultice solution

Unglazed ceramic tile as well as other unglazed tiles usually always require tile sealant. Even pre-sealed tiles may need to be stripped and resealed periodically.

A penetrating tile sealer soaks into the tile bisque while a topical tile sealant lies on the top of the tile. A topical tile sealer eventually wears off and will probably need tile grout sealer reapplied once a year.

When your sealed tiles start to look dull and drab it's probably time to strip the old tile sealant from the surface of your tiles and grout, and give them a new protective surface of tile sealer.

Tips For Removing Stains From Tiles

* For ink, coffee, or blood stains use a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution. If this doesn't do the trick try using a non-bleach cleaner.

* when removing oil based stains use mild solvents like charcoal lighter fluid or mineral spirits.

* For dried paint scrape with a plastic scraper, be sure not to use a metal scraper.

*For grease fats simply clean with a commercial spot cleaner that works with your specific type of tile.

*For removing rust Use a commercial rust remover,

*For fingernail polish stains use fingernail polish remover.

*Always rinse stained areas with clear water to remove any residual.

Step 1 To Stripping Off Excisting Tile Sealant

You'll first want to pour enough stripping solution on an area of the floor that you'll be able to clean before the solution dries. This is probably an area of about 25 square feet.

Use a mop to swirl the solution around the tile surface.

Next you'll need to scrub the area by using either a scrub brush or a floor scrubbing machine. Do not allow the stripping solution to dry into the tile surface,

Step 2 To Stripping Off Existing tile sealer

Use either a mop or some clean rags to remove the stripper residue. You'll know when your old tile sealant is totally removed because your tiles will appear brighter in color and have more of a matte finish to their surface. Some strippers are water based, and allow for removal with a wet dry vacuum.

Rinse your tile surface with clean water and then wipe dry. Be sure to follow the manufacturers directions for drying time, before re-sealing your tiles.

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