The Tile Layout Tools You'll Need For Laying Tile


Tile layout tools are essential for successfully laying tile. It all starts with straight lines from the straight edge and chalk line tools, squares from the framing square tool, and leveling from the bubble level tool.

Accurate measuring and marking tools are essential for a professional looking tiling job. Here are the tile layout tools you'll need for getting the job of laying tile right.

bubble level

Bubble Level

A bubble level is a must for laying tile. Depending on the project you have in mind, you may need a few bubble levels in different sizes. There's the small Torpedo bubble level to a 4 foot bubble level.

close up of level bubble on bubble level

Before using a bubble level; check it for accuracy. You can do this by placing the bubble level on a flat surface and checking the position of the bubble. Flip the bubble level upside down, if the bubble is in the same place the level is accurate, if not you will need another bubble level.

Chalk line

This simple tool consists of of a string that winds around a spindle. You fill the case with powdered chalk and there you have it a simple way to mark a straight line.

You pull out the string and stretch it taut between two marks. pick it up off the surface, then let go. It will snap a straight line of colorful chalk between the marks.

man working with strait edge


It's rare to find a board that's truly straight. so you can make straight marks for cutting. With the straightedge you can feel confident of getting a straight mark.

Tape Measure

The easiest tape measure to use is the 1 inch wide, because it doesn't flop around when you are trying to measure. You will need at least a 25 footer.

Framing Square

The framing square is a L shaped tool that is essential for checking that surfaces and reference lines are square for laying tile. This means 90 degrees.

The framing square is also essential for making your tile patterns come out right. The framing square is a tool that will come in handy throughout your entire tiling project.

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