Valuable Tips For Wall And Floor Tile Patterns


Many folks are satisfied with straight lay tile patterns where the wall or floor tile designs are In a pleasingly clean straight grid style, While others prefer a less orthodox wall or floor tile pattern to achieve a different look.

Did you know you can use the patterns in which you lay your tiles to minimize or emphasize the size of a room? For example when you install rectangular or subway tiles vertically it gives the appearance of a taller space,  And If you tile a wall with these same tiles horizontally the room appears wider!

Adding a tile border offers the same effect. Let's say you use a decorative chair rail style border to run across the top of your bathroom wall tile; It will draw the focus of the eye outward giving the appearance of a larger bathroom! Even the simplest of tile borders or tile accents can add big visual effects.

Diagonal patterns can be used to bring a sense of drama and excitement to a room, And when you install your floor tile designs in a diagonal floor tile pattern, it can visually expand the space. And This is particularly ideal for enhancing the look of a room that's long and narrow!

In most cases, we look at the color of a tile as merely a decorating tool. But did you know that color can affect the mood of your room? You can select the colors of your tiles to create whatever mood you desire!

And what about tile textures? Tiles also can come in a variety of textures ranging from glossy glass Ceramic Tile Designs to Natural Stone Tiles that are sandpaper rough. And they can affect the color of the tile. A glossy finished blue colored Ceramic tile can look completely different in a matte or rough finish, even though they're the same color blue!

And tile color is not limited to Ceramic Tile Designs, You can find Vibrant Reds, Yellows, And Oranges and more in Cement Tile, Glass Tile or the rich natural tones of Natural Stone Tiles.

 Tips For Wall Tile Patterns

*When you arrange wall tiles horizontally across a narrow space, it appears wider.  A good example would be in bathroom or kitchen backsplash tiles.


ceramic design bathroom sink backsplash tile

*An ideal way to bring excitement and texture to your wall tile patterns is by adding decorative tiles, especially those with unusual shapes. And when you Combine decorative tiles of different shapes and sizes it can create a harmonious appeal. Simply use the same color scheme and tile patterns for your decorative tiles throughout the entire room.

kitchen colorful mosaic wall tile

* For easy ready made wall or floor tile designs, consider using the beauty of Mosaic tiles patterns. They come pre-assembled on a mesh backing, and the patterns are already creatively made up for you.

*Grout plays a significant role in creating a beautiful wall or floor pattern. When you use white grout in between colorful tiles, it makes the colors appear richer in tone and highlights the entire arrangement! 

*When you install rectangular or subway wall tile designs vertically the wall looks taller. If you lay these same tiles horizontally, the wall appears to be wider!

Tips For Floor Patterns

*Glossy stone floor tile designs, such as marble or granite always look their best with the smallest of grout lines. You can be more versatile with your floor tiling patterns when you install other floor tiles, such as slate or limestone. These Floor tiles Look Good No matter if the floor tiles are close together or widely spaced. 

* Large floor tile designs look best in large rooms. When you install them in a small area, they tend to bring the focus right to themselves, and make a small room look even smaller. 

*When you lay a  grid of small floor tile designs in a large room they tend to make the space appear too busy. The smaller floor tile designs look much more appropriate in a small room.

* A Diagonal floor pattern tends to pull the focus off the narrowness of the room and shifts the attention to the wide angles of the tile borders and grout lines. A Diagonal floor pattern amazingly makes a small room seem larger!

* Tile grout color plays a crucial role in a floor tile pattern. Gray grout works perfectly for pulling together floor tile designs with many different hues. But even though tiling a floor with a selection of colors in the floor tiles designs adds a high visual impact to the room, It's easy to go overboard. So just remember simple is always better!

*Mosaic tiles make for stylish floor patterns. They come already assembled on a mesh backing with the floor tile pattern already made up for you

Tips for using the same size or same color tiles

*Whenever you have a situation where You are using the same size tiles on adjacent surfaces, where the wall tile and floor tiles, or kitchen backsplash tiles and countertop tile meet, You can either line up all the seams or line up none of the seams. It works well either way.

3 size tiles used in kitchen.

*To avoid this concern, you can plan your pattern to use small, medium and large tiles. You can use the larger ones for the floor tile design.

Place the medium tiles on the walls or as countertop tile. Then use the smallest for the kitchen backsplash tiles.

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