The Simplest Tile Removal Tools To Use For Removing Tile

There's a lot more to tiling than just tiles. You will also need tile removal tools, especially if you will be removing tile from floors and walls.

A homeowner doesn't need all the special tools that professional tile setters use, but on the other hand using the wrong tool for the job can lead to problems.

For your overall tiling project, you will also need the tools listed below.

underlayment and safety tools,

tools for setting and finishing ,

tile layout tools,

Tile cutting tools

Tile Removal Tools


You probably already have a hammer available. This will work fine for everything from removing tile from old surfaces to preparing new substrate.

Paint Scraper

The sharp cutting blade on this Paint scraper tool quickly cleans up old wood moldings, so that you can reuse them. The paint scraper is also good for removing old paint from a wall before tiling it.

Cold Chisel

The cold chisel is designed for cutting through masonry. It has fairly blunt tips that require strong blows from a hammer, or a heavy mallet.

The cold chisel will handle the job anywhere from removing tile by breaking out old tiles, to cutting field stones to the size you need. Some cold chisels have rubber handles, with hand protectors to shield your hands from hammer blows.

Tapers Knife

This 4 inch wide blade is ready for a host of jobs, It is a great tile removal tool for scraping up old layers of linoleum, stripping wallpaper or removing tile adhesive.

Pry bar

The pry bar tool does the work of a small jackhammer. A long heavy pry bar is the best tool for breaking up old tile from walls and floors.

The pry bar is also ideal for removing old mud jobs. you are likely to find these thick layers of cement behind most of the older tiling jobs

Flat Bar

The flat bar is not to be mistaken for the standard pry bar. It has a thin flat profile. this makes it a better choices for removing materials you may want to use again, such as wooden base board moldings

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is also known as a demolition saw. The reciprocating saw is one of the best tools for cutting up old materials, such as wood, thresholds, plywood and countertops.

Wallpaper Perforator

Wallpaper should always be removed before tiling a wall. When you roll this inexpensive wallpaper perforator over old wallpaper, the wallpaper perforator will create hundreds of tiny pieces, so stripper can seep through the paper, making it easier to dissolve the adhesive underneath.

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