Use Tile Textures To Warm Up  Your Kitchen And Bathroom Wall Tile!


Tile textures can be found in anywhere from the glossiest to the roughest of tile finishes. Texture plays a critical role in both the design, color and the practicality of a tile. And in some cases, the texture of the tiles you choose can make or break the appearance of your tiling project.

Once you've chosen Your color scheme, The next step is to consider your tile textures and the tile patterns in which you'll lay your wall and floor tile designs. Combined this will determine the atmosphere for your kitchen or bathroom decor. 

Tile texture can easily be overlooked when planning a bathroom or kitchen decor. But it is just as important as the other designing elements like tile color or tile patterns for creating a comfortable and stylish room.

When you have a kitchen or bathroom with all smooth surfaces adding three-dimensional textures makes all the difference between a humdrum room and one with PIZAZZ!

There are a lot of smooth, shiny surfaces in kitchens and baths like the kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures, So the last thing these rooms need is another slick surface.  A room with all smooth surfaces tends to look one dimensional and flat, leaving very little in the way of warmth.

Incorporating different textures in these spaces creates visual depth and definition, thereby creating a much warmer appeal. 

When you choose bathroom wall tiles or bathroom floor tiles such as unglazed ceramic, rough stone tile designs, Glass tile or Mosaic tile patterns or even decorative tiles, you will create plenty of  texture in the bathroom or kitchen. And The differences in texture look striking up against the smoother surfaced tiles, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

Tips For Adding Tile Textures To Kitchens And Baths

*The look of brick is ideal for adding texture to a room. It not only gives the room a bit of a warm rustic appeal but also adds color.

There's something very classy and stylish about the look of brick inside the home, And you can obtain this fabulous look by using natural brick or in the color of your choice using subway Ceramic or Porcelain tile designs installed  in brick lay tile patterns.

Tiling the kitchen backsplash or installing one entire wall in a brick tile pattern can instantly add interest and depth to the kitchen or bathroom.

brick tile patterns can include just the right amount of warmth and character needed, without being too overbearing. This tile pattern can work especially well for an all white kitchen, 

*Mosaics tile patterns offer a naturally beautiful textured look and feel when used as kitchen backsplash tiles or a kitchen or bathroom wall tile. 

These small luxurious, stylish tile designs catch the light and bounce their beautiful colors throughout the entire room. 

Mosaic tile patterns come in breathtaking tile textures of glass, stone, metal and more. They even come in combinations of them all.

*Tile texture is of particular importance for those who love a neutral palette. A variety of tile textures can be very useful for warming up the place and creating a stylish and inviting bathroom or kitchen without the use of too much color. 

*Your kitchen or bathroom floor tiles are an excellent way to add not only the needed texture but also a safer flooring. Floor tile designs with a  glossy texture tend to be slippery when wet, So these floor tile designs are not safe for kitchens or baths where water and spills are always an issue.

Floor tiles like Unglazed ceramic tiles, or Porcelain floor tiles and Natural Stone are a much better choice. These tiles have rougher textures making for a  slip resistant kitchen or bathroom floor tile, even when wet.

*Even the smallest amount of a different texture can make all the difference in the overall kitchen or bathroom design.

The texture of decorative tiles with detailed ornaments and shapes can be stamped, carved or even pressed into the tiles.  

These decorative tiles are ideal for not only sprucing up but also adding the well-needed  texture to otherwise plain bathroom or kitchen backsplash tiles or a flat kitchen or bathroom wall tile.

*The texture of a tile also has a significant impact on how the color of a tile is perceived. It can also determine either a casual or formal appeal to the room. 

Let's say you were to choose a glossy finished blue color tile.  If you were to look at this same color in an unglazed  texture, Even though both are the same color blue the intensity of the color would not look the same!

A glossy tile texture always intensifies the color of the tile. And these wall tile designs also create a more formal appeal to the room. 

When you use rough or matte textures for your kitchen or bathroom wall tile, These tiles tend to be less intense in the way of color and create a more warm, casual look and feel. 

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