Tiling A Bathroom Can Be A Lot Easier If You Move The Bathroom Fixtures Out of Your Way This Also makes For A More Professional Looking Bathroom Tile Installation

When tiling a bathroom, it's good to Have a plan in place for your tiling project. And it's always best to remove the bathroom fixtures out of your way.  If you take the time to remove them, your tile installation will have a much more professional look.


 It also makes installing bathroom floor tiles much easier, and in the long run, you'll appreciate having the extra space while installing your new tiles.

In a lot of cases when tiling a bathroom, it can be a little cramped on space, by removing these obstacles you can gain a few feet or more of space. Removing bathroom fixtures are relatively easy, and reinstalling them is just as simple.

How To Remove Bathroom Fixtures Before Tiling A Bathroom

Removing The Vanity

When tiling a bathroom floor you can just install your bathroom floor tile around your vanity, but you might regret it later if you were to decide on replacing your vanity for a new one.

You'd be limited to one that is precisely the same size, so it's always best to take the vanity out before you begin your bathroom tile installation.

* Turn both the hot and cold shutoff valves all the way clockwise.

* Turn on the hot and cold faucets to ensure that no water is still moving through the pipes.

* If either of your valves is leaking after tightening them as much as you can, You may need a plumber to install new ones.

* If all well go ahead and place a bucket underneath your vanity to catch the water that might be escaping from the pipes, and have an old towel handy to wipe up spills.

* Using an adjustable wrench disconnect water lines from the valves, and use your hands to unscrew the P-trap from the sink. You do not need to divide the bathroom counter from the sink or vanity.

Removing The Vanity

* Bathroom vanities can be either screwed in on the wall or the floor. Look inside the cabinets to see.

* Use a cordless drill to remove any screws, then carefully lift the vanity.

* Be careful to work the vanity around the plumbing pipes, and stuff a rag into the end of the drain line coming out of the wall to block sewer gasses.

*Place the vanity in another area of the home until you complete tiling the bathroom.

Removing The Toilet

Before you remove your old bathroom floor tile, it's best to remove your toilet. You will have more space to move around in and get more professional results when installing your new bathroom floor tile or bathroom wall tile. It's relatively easy to pull it out, and once you see how easy it is to remove your bathroom fixtures, You'll be more comfortable with reinstalling them.

See Video Below For How To Remove Your Toilet

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