Tiling A Floor With Ceramic floor Tile, Cork, Laminate Or Natural Stone Flooring.


When tiling a floor, not all tiles can handle floor tile duty. Especially when it comes to a kitchen floor tile, bathroom floor tile, or a floor tile design for an entryway.

These floor tiles not only have to be durable enough to hold up to moisture and accidental spills but also to the continuous flow of heavy traffic that comes to and fro these areas of the home. 

For this level of wear,  only the toughest and most durable of floor tiles will do.  So if you're going to perform the task of tiling a floor, it makes sense to start the job right by choosing the correct grade of floor tile designs that will provide you with years of service while showing the least amount of wear.

Tips For Tiling A Floor

* It's a good idea to take into consideration the size of your floor tiles. There are the standard size tiles of 12x12 and large floor tile designs available in sizes of 16x16, or even 20x20 which are a big deal in tiling a floor today.

* Large floor tile designs can give a floor a nice clean, neat appeal. They can make a large space seem even larger, and another beautiful thing about them is they reduce the number of tile grout lines to your floor tile installation.

* Tile grout is very porous; It's the part of the floor tile installation that's most prone to breaking, staining and eroding.

* The cons to using large floor tiles are they make tiling a floor a bit more challenging.You will need an extremely level tile underlayment and a tile cutting tool that can handle cutting these larger tiles. You'll also need a helper or two to assist you with lifting the weight of these floor tile designs, And it's crucial that you be correct on applying your tile adhesive so that these large tiles will stay in place.

* Glossy Floor Tile designs get slippery when wet, so when you're choosing a bathroom floor tile or kitchen floor tile consider such options as Vinyl floor tiles, Unglazed ceramic tile, Porcelain floor tiles and honed or tumbled finishes for natural stone flooring. 

* Floor tile designs such as Unglazed Ceramic tile and a lot of the natural stone floorings are porous making them susceptible to water and staining,  They require a tile sealer be applied to their surface to protect them, and the tile sealer must be reapplied every couple of years.

* If your desire is to use a glossy floor tile, such as a glazed ceramic floor tile. You can cut down on the slipping hazard by using small tiles. Glossy floor tiles can range in sizes all the way down to a Mosaic tile pattern.

The smaller tiles will require far more grout lines than, the larger tiles. And the tile grout lines will act as another form of traction.

* When tiling a floor with lighter colored floor tiles, Keep in mind that white and light colors are a lot trickier to keep clean and dirt tends to stand out on their pale surfaces.

* A floor tile design that's darker or multicolored with a textured finish helps to hide the grime.

Below you will find floor tile installations for different floorings, Click on the picture of those that interest you and you'll be taken to that page.

Laying Ceramic Tile Can Be A Fairly Quick And Easy Floor Tile Installation

Now It's time for laying Ceramic or Stone Tile And watching your new floor tile installation take shape right before your eyes!

A Marble Tile Installation Is One Of The Most Attractive of Stone Flooring No matter If You Use a Glossy Marble Floor Tile or Rougher Tumbled Marble tile

.A marble tile installation can consist of the beautiful glassy appearance of glossy marble floor tile, or the handsome rustic look of tumbled marble tile. Both make for one of the most attractive of Stone floors.

Installing Laminate tile flooring  of Interlocking Tiles 

Installing Laminate tile flooring is different than other floor tile installations. For most floor tile installations you begin laying your floor tiles in the middle of the floor. But for Laminate floor tiles you start the floor tile installation at one wall and work your way to the other.

Parquet Floor Tiles Makes For A Quick And Easy Floor Tile Installation.

The floor tile installation for Parquet floor tiles is much simpler than installing just about any other wood flooring. For this Parquet floor tile installation, we'll be installing Parquet tiles with tongue and groove edges.

The Floor Tile Installation For Cork Tiles Is Very Simple, The First Step is To Get The Tile Underlayment Squared Away! 

Cork Tiles bring Rich Textures, A soft feel underfoot and numerous Floor tile patterns. And the floor tile installation is a breeze.

Cork floor tiles are durable and once installed they add both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Part- 2 Of Installing Cork Floor Tiles Is The Quick And Easy Floor Tile Installation!

When you mention Cork floor tiles to a lot of folks, they envision the look of a bulletin board or a wine bottle stopper. But Cork also serves as a very impressive flooring. 

Cork tiles not only make for a stunningly beautiful floor tile installation, but it's also soft, warm, quiet, durable and Eco-friendly. 

The Ease Of A Vinyl Tile Installation Is Ideal For Beginning Tilers Wanting To Install Vinyl Kitchen Floor Tiles or Bathroom Floor Tile

 A Vinyl tile installation is not only the easiest of floor tile installations, But it's also both water resistant and durable. And this makes Vinyl floor tiles an excellent choice for both kitchen floor tiles and bathroom floor tile.

Unlike Ceramic floor tiles or Natural Stone Flooring, Vinyl bathroom floor tile and kitchen floor tiles are spongy and flexible making for a much more comfortable surface to walk on.

Bring the Beauty Of Nature into Your Home By Using the Natural Beauty of Rock Tile Floor Tile Designs For Your Bathroom Floor Tile

River Rock tile makes for an excellent bathroom floor tile. These rock floor tile designs have a natural non-slip surface; that feels good underfoot. 

Rock floor tile designs can bring a beautiful palette of natural colors to your bathroom floor, and when you install River Rock as your bathroom floor tile, Just as with other Mosaic tile patterns, it makes for a very quick and easy floor tile installation. 

Easy Steps To Installing Mosaic tile Patterns For A Wall Tile Installation Or Floor Tile Installation.

There are beautiful Mosaic tile patterns that are composed of hundreds of tiny tiles and Some even come in intricate colors and shapes. But Mosaic tiles can be quite small. So it's important that the tile underlayment for your mosaic wall or floor tile installation  be perfectly flat and clean.  If not a tile may sink into a depression and rest below the neighboring tiles!

Install Berber Carpet Tiles and Create Carpet Floor Tile Designs of Your Dreams

Berber carpet tiles come in a wide array of styles. And they make installing wall to wall carpeting a breeze. They allow you to create all sorts of interesting floor tile designs anywhere from checkerboard to stripes to a staggered brick lay floor tile pattern. 

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