Thinset Mortar Is The Tile Adhesive To Use When Tiling A Wall With Stone Wall Tiles Or Tiling A Shower Or Tub Surround.


When tiling a wall with a Stone wall tile or installing bathroom wall tile in wet areas, it is crucial that you use thinset mortar as your tile adhesive.

Tile mastic is ideal for installing ceramic wall tile to the dry areas of bathroom walls,  it instantly grabs the wall tiles and holds them in place. 
But Tile Mastic is susceptible to water so for those areas of the bathroom walls that are prone to getting wet; You need to use Thinset Mortar.

Thinset Mortar does not instantly grab the wall tiles like Tile Mastic does, and it takes a while longer to set.  But when it comes to using Tile Mastic with Stone wall tiles the chemicals found in Tile Mastic will cause your beautiful Stone tiles to bleed.

To sum things up always use Thinset Mortar For installing both Bathroom wall tile to a shower or tub surround and for tiling a wall with Stone wall tiles!

Tiling A Wall With Heavy Stone Wall Tiles

When choosing Stone wall tiles, there's a good chance that they'll be heavy. And this means they'll probably be sagging down the wall before the thinset mortar gets an opportunity to set!
There are a few ways to solve this problem.

Let Your Thinset Mortar Set Overnight

You can lay your first row of Stone tiles along the floor on a batten board and allow the mortar to set overnight. The next day you'd put a couple more rows above it let that set and continue until you've tiled the entire room.

But this is a very slow method; It could take a week or so before you finish tiling this room!

Use Tile Spacing Wedges!

Another method is to use tile wedges. You press tile spacing wedges between each tile in the same way you would with regular tile spacers. But be sure to include placing them underneath the first row of tiles near the floor.
The tile spacing wedges will not only maintain the proper spacing, but they'll also support the weight of your Stone tiles and keep them from shifting while the Thinset mortar cures.

Use A No Sag Thinset For Tiling A Wall With Heavy Stone Wall Tile!

Last but not least, You can use a no sag Thinset mortar.
The no sag Thinset tile adhesive works in the same way as tile mastic. It grabs the tiles and immediately locks them into position.

But for this thinset tile adhesive, it's crucial that you mix It precisely with the directions listed on the bag. Once you do, you'll be able to tile the whole wall of Stone tiles at one time.

Stone wall tiles are installed pretty much the same as ceramic wall tile
except you will use Thinset Mortar as your tile adhesive instead of tile mastic, and wedges rather than spacers.

Remember when you are using ceramic wall tile in areas that are prone to getting wet, always use Tile Mortar.

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