It's All About Travertine Floor Tiles, Travertine Bathroom Shower Tile And Travertine Countertops!


Travertine floor tiles like Marble floor tile is a variation of limestone. In fact, it is commonly mistaken for Marble tile. But although they have a lot of similarities Travertine has a beautifully buffed matte finish that can’t be matched by any other Natural Stone flooring.

Just as Marble, Travertine tile's perceived as a luxury application. Both Marble and Travertine are showcased in residential and commercial spaces as a token of success, good taste, and affluence.

But because of Travertine being so porous, It's been thought of as a luxury surface that's all about good looks and with little to no practicality.

Today modern methods of milling and sealing Travertine tile has made staining much less of a problem leaving a beautiful warm textured tile that's durable enough for many Exterior and interior applications.

About Travertine Tile

* Travertine tile makes for an ideal Bathroom or kitchen wall tile, Natural Stone flooring, and Travertine  Countertops.

* Travertine tile brings a warm, comfortable appeal to any surface it's laid on. And It offers warm neutral tones that will compliment a broad range of home decor styles.

* Travertine comes in warm colors ranging from the lightest white to cream or beige. It also offers beautiful Autumn colors of gold, brown, and even red along with unique porous veins that enhance the beauty of the tile even more.

*Travertine tiles are available in a variety of finishes, including polished, honed, brushed, saw cut, and tumbled. With Polished and Honed being the most popular for interior applications.

* Travertine tiles are relatively soft and absorbent, So they will require a few coats of tile sealant to protect them from moisture and stains.

* The natural  colors and patterns of Travertine vary from tile to tile making each tile installation unique.

* Italian Travertine tiles are considered to be of the highest quality with Turkey running close in second place. Brazilian Travertine is looked upon as lower quality, followed by Travertine quarried in Mexico.

Polished And Honed Travertine Floor Tiles

The two most popular Travertine finishes commonly used for the interior applications are Honed and Polished Travertine. 

Honed Travertine Floor Tiles

Honed Travertine Natural Stone Flooring  has a satin-smooth surface with little light reflection. It enhances the look of the other elements in the room and allows them to stand out.

Polished Travertine Floor Tiles

 Polished Travertine Natural Stone flooring has a high gloss surface; It takes center stage in the design of the room. It reflects the light and accentuates the color and the stone markings of the tiles.

* Travertine floor tiles are easy to clean by just a dust mopping, For washing  use a tile cleaner specifically designed for Travertine Tiles.

* A Travertine floor tile installation works much the same as a Marble floor tile installation.

Travertine Countertops

Travertine countertops bring an air of luxury to a kitchen, especially when you use color as a tool to play between the materials.

 Light colored Polished Travertine countertops paired with the rich warmth of wood creates something special. The contrast between the colors and textures brings a bit of warmth and interest to the room.

Many foods and drinks like vinegar, orange juice or even coffee contain acids that may etch or dull the surface of Travertine countertops. So be sure to keep up on sealing them, And for added protection consider using coasters, trivets, and food boards. on Travertine counter tops.

Once Travertine countertops have been sealed, they are very easy to care for, To clean you simply need to wipe them down with a damp cloth. The only other care the tiles will need is a yearly dose of tile sealant to help protect the tiles, allowing them to last for many years to come.

Travertine Bathroom Shower Tile

Your bathroom is the perfect place to showcase Travertine tile.  And you can use Travertine as your bathroom wall tiles in dry areas all the way to bathroom shower tiles in wet areas.

When you use Travertine Tile as a bathroom wall tile or bathroom shower tile you not only create a stunningly attractive bathroom but you also surround yourself with warmth and comfort.

The natural matte finish of Travertine bathroom shower tile will transform your shower stall from ordinary to luxurious.

Tiling Tips For Travertine 

*Purchase at least 20 percent more of Travertine tile than you expect to need as Travertine is subject to break when being cut.

*Make all cuts with a wet saw.

*Set in white latex reinforced thinset mortar.

*Avoid grouts that can stain.

*Seal travertine after installing tiles.

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