Vinyl  Floor Tiles, Cork Floor Tiles, Rubber Floor Tile And Berber Carpet Tiles, Each Have Their Benefits, And The Floor Tile Installation Is A Breeze!


Vinyl floor tiles, Cork floor tiles, Rubber floor tile and Berber carpet tiles are all members of the resilient tile family.
And the floor tile installation for each is easy enough for even newcomers to the tiling scene.

Today's Vinyl  tile is incredible. Luxury vinyl tile is the Rolls Royce of vinyl  tiles. These unique Vinyl tiles can convincingly mimic the look of Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, concrete tile and even Natural Stone Flooring. And they do it all the way to the gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feel like the real thing.
There are even Luxury Vinyl Tiles, unlike other vinyl tiles that are designed to be installed with grout. How's that for being realistic?

Vinyl Commercial Tiles

Vinyl Commercial tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles.
It's a very durable vinyl tile primarily used for commercial and institutional applications. These tiles are covered with flecks of color that discretely hides dirt.

Vinyl commercial tiles are a favorite over other flooring materials in high traffic areas because of their high level of durability and ease of maintenance. And Vinyl commercial tiles can repeatedly be refinished with chemical strippers and buffing equipment. Commercial tile has a very high resilience to abrasion and impact. And they can be easily removed and replaced when damaged.

The floor tile installation for Vinyl tiles is very simple it can include a vinyl tile adhesive or Vinyl tiles with a self-stick backing.

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 Resilient Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl floor Tiles Convincingly Mimics The Look Of Ceramic Floor Tiles, Porcelain Floor Tiles And Natural Stone Flooring!

Luxury vinyl tile is the Rolls Royce of vinyl tiles. These unique Vinyl floor tiles can convincingly mimic the look of Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles and even Natural Stone Floor tile designs.

The Natural Beauty And Comfort Of Cork Floor Tile

Cork floor tile is environmentally friendly as it is beautiful. And it's available in a range of warm, rich hues from light tan to dark walnut. Cork tile also offers a line of bright, eye-catching colors including reds, blues, greens and even yellow.

Tiling tips for Berber Carpet Tile

The versatility of Berber carpet tile can really stir up your creative juices and help you to create the floor tile designs of your dreams!

You can use Berber Tiles to create Instantly an attractive wall to wall carpet, an eye-catching area rug. Or even your own impressive custom floor tile designs.

Did You Know Rubber Floor Tiles Make For The Perfect Kitchen Floor Tile, Bathroom Floor Tiles And Are Even A Great Garage Floor Tile?

When most folks think of Rubber floor tiles, They imagine an industrial gray flooring where tile textures are not even a consideration. They know the floor is quite durable and comfortable but feel the floor tiles are only used mainly for gyms, But there's a lot more to rubber flooring than just covering a gym floor.

There's A Lot More To Interlocking Floor Tile Than The Easy Floor Tile Installation!

The look you get after installing Ceramic floor tiles, and Natural Stone flooring is well worth the work, But today there is an easier option available.
There are now interlocking tiles of Natural Stone and Ceramic Floor tiles for exterior use and others for internal use that convincingly mimic the look of Stone and Ceramic floor tiles all the way down to the texture.

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