Cutting Vinyl Tile

When you are tiling a floor with vinyl tile,

and run into obstacles or walls, it is time for cutting tiles for your floor tile installation , to make them fit. Don't apply adhesive to your tiles, until after you're done cutting tiles.

Measuring For Straight Cuts To Your Vinyl Floor Tiles

To measure for straight cuts for your tiles, place a scrap strip of vinyl tile against the wall. so that you can lay the tile you are cutting over it.

Use a shim to create a 1/4 inch gap against the wall. Place your vinyl tile into position, Using the tile underneath as a gauge, mark your tile on the front as well as the back for where you will be cutting tiles. Make sure to keep your tile from touching the adhesive, while you are measuring it.

Working on a workhorse or a piece of plywood, use either a straightedge or a whole tile to score a single line between your marks. If you use a tile be sure to mark it with an X, So you will know this is your scoring tile that you will be using for cutting tiles.

You won't want to install it by mistake, as it will be too dinged up to use for your floor tile installation. Pick up your scored tile, hold it firmly and bend until it snaps.

Making Specialty Cuts To Your vinyl Floor tiles

When making a Notch to your tile, Use a tape measure to determine the size of the notch. Then mark this area onto your tile with a pencil.

Score your line using a utility knife. Repeatedly score the line until you score all the way through the tile. Bend the tile along the line until it snaps off.

If you want to make a curved or profiled cut, simply make repeated passes with a utility knife.

When you are cutting tiles around a pipe, with no accessible end, you'll have to cut the tile in two so the seam falls across the pipe. Just notch each cut edge and lay one piece of tile on each side of the pipe. After you install the two pieces, caulk the joint and cover it with a pipe flange.

1-measure for the notch cut, to Vinyl floor Tiles

If you only need a partial tile, cut the tile to the size first. Hold the tile face up and pressed against the pipe, then mark the tile at either side of the pipe, and measure the distance that the tile must travel toward the wall, add on 1/4 inch. This is the dept the cut should be.

2 Mark For Your cut To Vinyl Floor Tiles

Keep in mind, that you want a gap of about 1/8 inch or so around the pipe. Draw an outline of the front of the pipe, onto your tile.

3- Cutting Vinyl Floor Tiles For The Notch

Using your utility knife, carefully score along all your marked lines. Apply more pressure as you repeat these cuts, until your blade passes all the way through your tile. Remove and save the cutout piece. Check your cutout tile for fit. You may need to slightly enlarge the fit.

4 Install Your Notched Tile

Hold the cutout piece next to the gap behind the pipe. Mark it and cut it to fit the space. Caulk around the pipe, where it meets the tile. Install a pipe flange to cover the caulking.

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