Wall Hung Toilets and Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Are Jewels When It Comes To A Small Bathroom Makeover.


Wall hung toilets and bathroom pedestal sinks are excellent choices for a small bathroom makeover. Not only do they have a neat contemporary minimalistic look that's ideal for small bathrooms, but they also come in a variety of colors and styles.

This makes for toilets and sinks that will easily fit the style of any bathroom design.

These space saving bathroom fixtures not only give more space to a somewhat cramped bathroom, but along with the correct choice of bathroom tile designs they will actually make your small bathroom appear larger.

These are Jewels for those looking to spruce up the look of a small bathroom.

wallhung toilet brown

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets are bolted to heavy duty hardware hidden within the wall.

These toilets not only give you a little more needed space in a small bathroom, but they also make it much easier to clean the floor.

wall toilelet white
wall toilet blue

They can be hung to any height you desire, which is an attractive benefit for those who can't sit comfortably on a standard toilet.

Pedestal Sinks

Bathroom pedestal sinks Are a good consideration for a small bathroom makeover.They're not only attractive, but they also allow for extra space to the smaller bathroom.

Bathroom pedestal sinks are traditionally seen in cottages or vintage style bathrooms, but these space saving beauties can work with just about any style of bathroom. It's as if these sinks were specially designed with the smaller bathroom in mind.

pedestal sinks come in a variety of colors, widths and heights. They consist of two peices the column and the bowl. The column can partially hide the plumbing. The plumbing comes out of the wall. It then extends up the bathroom pedestal sink and to the faucets.

pedestal sink brown
pedestal sink red

The bowl can have a lip just small enough to fit toothbrushes, wide enougth to place toiletries or even no lip at all.

Bathroom pedestal sinks without a doubt are a perfect choice for a small bathroom makeover, but keep in mind you will need a combination of strorage solutions, such as wall hung shelves or a small narrow piece of storage furniture.

Pedestal sink pink

Both pedestal sinks and wall toilets can really make a difference For your small bathroom makeover, where every inch of space saved is a true jewel

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