Wall Tile Patterns Play A Vital Role In A Wall Tile Installation

When tiling a wall, wall tile patterns play a vital role. Much of the character of wall tiles comes from the tiles shapes, sizes and how you lay them.


A grid of square tiles is the simplest arrangement for a wall tile installation, But even if you're only using square tiles, You can spice up the patterns.

You can do such things as stagger the tile rows or even turn the tiles and turn them into a diagonal wall tile installation. You can even alternate between two colors and create a checkerboard wall tile pattern.

Tips For Wall Tile Patterns

* If you install rectangular or subway tile designs vertically They can make the wall appear taller. Installed horizontally they give the appearance of a wider wall.  

*An ideal way to bring excitement and texture to your wall tile patterns is by adding decorative tiles, especially those with unusual shapes. And when you Combine decorative tiles of different shapes and sizes it can create an attractive, harmonious wall tile design. Simply use the same color scheme and tile patterns for your decorative tiles throughout the entire room.

*A Diagonal wall tile installation brings drama to the room. It makes the wall tiles seem larger, thereby making the wall surface appear larger

* A Diagonal Wall tile installation can be difficult for Novice Tilers from planning out the tile patterns to cutting the tiles to keeping the wall tiles properly aligned. So if this is your first tiling project, Try to keep it simple at first. The more tiling you do, the better you'll be ready for the more complicated tile patterns.

A Jack On Jack Wall Tile Installation

The Jack on Jack or Straight lay tile arrangement is one of the easiest tile patterns to use.

Set the first tile at right side of your tile reference line. at the bottom of the wall. Continue laying your remaining tiles in the order shown.

A Horizontal Running Bond Wall Tile Installation

A Horizontal running bond also known as a brick-lay tile pattern repeats two patterns throughout the entire wall tile installation. And is usually used with rectangular or subway wall tile designs.

You want to find the exact center of your first wall tile and center it on your vertical middle reference line at the bottom of the wall. Then lay two tiles to the left of it and two to the right.

Install your next wall tile above your first so it rides along the right side of the reference line and lay another right beside it. Place a tile to the left side so it rides along the reference line and lay two more tiles along side. When you start your next row center the first tile on the line and continue laying your tiles in this alternating pattern until you complete your wall tile installation.

Check your alternating grout lines with a straightedge to assure the tile pattern stays straight.

Diagonal Wall Tile Installation

A Diagonal wall tile arrangement always results with end tile cuts on the edges.

For a diagonal tile pattern the tiles are installed somewhat like the jack on jack straight lay pattern, but instead of being laid in straight rows, the square tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle. And this creates a diamond shape to the tiles Instead of the basic square. 

You lay your first tile where one edge is up against the right side of your mid point vertical reference line and center it with the horizontal reference line for the midpoint of the wall.Then continue laying your tiles up and down the wall in the order shown. 

A Wall Tile Installation Using Mosaic Tile Patterns

Mosaic tile patterns are already assembled for you. You simply lay these beautiful 12x12 sheets of tiles to your walls. Mosaics tile patterns come attached to a mesh backing. Their tiles range from 1/4 inch to 3 inches square. Mosaic tile patterns offer instant eye-catching wall tile patterns.

Some tile Manufacturers even offer shards of broken tile and Stone that are prearranged in beautiful abstract mosaic tile designs.

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